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The Friendly Mucilage Sea Monster


​This story explores themes about how love conquers all, bond, respect, trust, prejudice, friendship, goodness triumphs over evil, morality, identity; and the good old childhood hero story.

I also decided to make this story somewhat of a critique to the recklessness that's ruining Turkey. This applies to the threats it has on our nature and the living beings and hope that this degeneracy gets resolved in no time My story entails many more themes if handled & depicted correctly.

Due to the toxic mucilage in the sea including different sorts of chemical wastes, something strange catalyzes in the deep dark heart of the sea. A tiny sea creature sprouts to life from a combination of this chemical waste and algae who eventually happens to grow into a gigantic sea monster. People write and talk fables and myths about this sea monster and the fear it casts upon the landers. Little do they know, the monster has the purest of hearts, but his appellative and remarkable size proceeds his kind soul. One day a boy, Sebastian, round age 12 discovers this sea monster. Their acquaintance is nevertheless a rough one. The boy at first is indeed frightened half to death. But later to discover Ami, what he decides to call him later, is actually very playful and oh such a delight. The two bond and become best friends. Unfortunately, the mad scientists and whale hunters are after Ami for experimentation, exploitation, and killing. Ami and Sebastian try to escape before the men capture Ami. Sebastien later in the story finds a way to rescue Ami and all the world is a witness of the bond between the two. The story is resolved with a happy ending where the world wants love and peace for these two souls.

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