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Thought I'd bring this to light again, especially at such time. Not that it has anything to do with the current statues quo, but on the relief it gave me in my frusteration that I hope it has as much effect for you to! Horn's singular instrument takes me to places far off in history every time it comes up on my spotify, in this case, my mind traveled to the golden era of Ancient Egyptian civilization. The wonder and curiosity it left on me still continues give some peace to my soul that I did some of my studies based on this (intending on doing more perhaps and if possible at my future travel to Egypt). Sometimes when I'm downright upset, I love to listen, look, observe, daydream, contemplate, draw, research and discover [into the old and ancients]. I feel this way about other cultures, events, and historical scenes as well and I will get to those, my mind is always wandering: for now this ones' on Ancient Egypt. Hope it's a bit revelation

for your souls as much as it is for mine.


"This hauntingly beautiful album "Inside the Great Pyramid" by Paul Horn harmonizes

the content of my study I executed of ancient Egypt. The title, the images, the music struck me, & took me straight to lives that were once present, from the Ancient spirits roaming about and calling from their tombs in their pyramids and the discourse in their otherworldly temples, as well as the landscape of the dry dunes distinguishing from the mystic Nile. I had to share this awe inspiring experience: and entitle it "Call of the Ancients; perhaps history still continues to live on its course in a parallel dimension... Ah, this just might mean a possible concept-art coming up... 👁 "#process#study#gathering#practice#pratik#contemplation#brainstorm#visualisation study by Deniz Erkli #digitalpainting#architecture#ancientegypt#pyramids#thenile#study

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I've been going over some older artwork and worked on its finer rendering, details, and gradation.

This one is "Vow Underneath the Cherry Blossoms" and this is how it looks. I will most likely be going over more ones like these from my portfolio.

Out with the old, in with the new!

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Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Musicians from worldwide gathered and continue to play in solidarity to help.inharmony fundraiser through the art and universal language of music, raise awareness, and donate to the lives affected by the earthquakes in Turkiye and Syria. If you wish to participate (via instrument and/or singing) even if you're listening all the melodies played during the ongoing fundraiser, find the link in Instagram @help.inharmony under the hashtag #help.inharmony.

For donation see link here:

This is my message and the piece I picked to participate with: "Song from a Secret Garden- The Secret Garden"

I am hoping with all my heart that all victims recover in no time and that I am of help. You can help to! #arttherapy #earthquakerelief #pschosocialrelief #helpwithart #musicheals #musicisuniversallanguage #earthquake #helpturkey #helpsyria

"My thoughts go out to those who have been affected by the earthquakes in my homeland #Türkiye and #Syria; and my deepest condolences to lives lost during this devastating disaster. Here is my contribution to #helpinharmony@help.inharmony project to support the earthquake survivors.


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