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My Story in Short


Hi and welcome! My name Deniz Erkli.  This is my story in short.  In my world I pursue an anthology of tales: in creation from visual to performance arts. I assemble art-craft as an illustrator, character designer, freelance artist, dancer, storyboarding, visual developer, conceptual artist, fine artist, 2d,  with a decent dab of 3d modeling, piano, acting, crafts to animation. 


I stumbled into the magic as a child and spent more than the better half of my life engaging in a kaleidoscope of dreams and eclectic spheres as I created and galvanized at each footprint of the way.   

 Over the past accumulating years, I applied my eternal passions and trans-disciplines leading a lifelong learning to my dance, stories, music, and creations, with the hopes of touching hearts, enchantment and with an ongoing quest to reap my dreams…

my little love bundles.jpg
my little love bundles_edited.jpg
me while drawing.jpg

* Please note that my webpage on the mobile version is slightly different than the ordered original desktop version. The site rearranges some of my pieces without my consent.  The mobile version also cuts off some of my images for reasons unknown.  If you wish to see the original lineup and full content it's best to view the original site via the desktop version, heads up folks!  

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